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Gruppo Pedercini offers a planned and preventive services involved with every aspect of turnkey projects. The maintenance service of industrial furnaces is provided by Pcombustion (internal division of Gruppo Pedercini) and consists of activities of instrument control according to national and international regulations.

Our highly qualified technical service and assistance are designed not only to control the instruments installed on the production systems, but also for the mapping of industrial furnaces, according to the laid by the regulations, that characterize the individual sectors of activity. Pcombustion offers control and instrumentation analysis, also in labs, using the most adavanced technologies of the sector. Our decades of experience ensure the highest quality standards protection and control.

All these services are tied to meet our customer’s unique requirements by supplying the highest quality service and resulting in increased up-time and higher productivity.

  • Calibrations
  • Instruments check
  • Combustion analysis
  • Equipment Control with the use of certificated SIT tools and compiling of the documents that are necessary to register the control activities
  • Ordinary and extraordinary interventions for the maintenance of the instrumentation
  • Ordinary and extraordinary interventions for the maintenance of combustion plants
  • Laboratory control of thermocouples and temperature sensors
  • Laboratory repair of instrumentation and temperature sensors
  • Training Courses
  • Spare Parts





o   Control according to EN 61439

o   Control according to DM 37/08

o   Analysis with thermal camera

o   Analysis of electrical networks

o   Analysis of environmental networks