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Elettro2000 was established in 1990 thanks to Mr. Angelo Pedercini and his over 20 years experience in the field of civil and industrial plants. The company dedicates its attention to the production and installation of diversified plants, focusing on customers’ needs, in order to satisfy their requests and promoting innovative plants.

From the beginning, the company has distinguished itself in the market focusing on the quality of its work. This characteristic allows to face up daily challenges and expand its activity all around Italy. Over the years, the company has been experiencing a continuous increase in profits, specialized human resources and all sorts of equipment in order to realize, in the better way, any kind of work and activity, respecting plant safety regulations.The foundamental principle of the Group refers to be always at the forefront using new operating, control, automation and supervisionary systems. During these years Gruppo Pedercini has become the major player in its industry, employing the policy of R&D, innovation and production processes integration.

Thanks to the company specialization a new division has been founded, PCombustion, which combines technological and control capacities, providing turnkey plant solutions.


Our tailor-made solutions plants are manufactured in respect of the environment and to optimize energy savings. Gruppo Pedercini’s missions are based on different aspects:

  • “Plant security – in compliance with the law”
  • “Respect for our environment – reduce pollution”
  • “Remote assistance and control systems in remote plants”
  • “Mutual trust between us and our customers”
  • “We deeply believe in security, in the environmental respect and work perpetually to find new technologies”
  • “Gruppo Pedercini manufactures plants being inspired by these concepts, and trust that our acting are lead by diligence, attention, effort and care necessary to grant the fulfillment of the expressed and unexpressed needs of our customers”


“To become the leading company of the sector, recognized for our technology, seriousness and  know-how in our works.”

“To expand aggressively our share quote in emerging markets.”

“To rank among the major companies.”