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#OrgoglioBresciano presents a video rendering of the OB # CURA modular hospital project and is ready to offer it to #ProtezioneCivile and to Italian and foreign hospitals.

It is a project developed starting from a #opensource idea aimed at making the construction of new intensive care units more efficient. The #CURA (Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments) project of #CarloRatti and #ItaloRota uses reconverted #containers to create #biocontainment rooms transportable to any city in the world, so as to respond promptly to the spread of the disease and the shortage of workstations in the #intensive #therapies of hospitals. Each unit works independently and can be shipped anywhere. The #containers are connected by an inflatable structure and can generate multiple modular configurations (from 4 to over 40 beds).

So far, the emergency response has led to the creation of temporary structures such as hospital tents and the construction of prefabricated bio-containment units. «If the latter option requires a considerable amount of time and resources, the first option has been shown to expose healthcare workers to higher risks of infection, as well as to put a strain on daily operations, especially in the long term.» CURA, on the other hand, is quick to install as a hospital tent, but safe for medical activities such as a hospital isolation department, thanks to bio-containment devices.

The project follows the guidelines issued by the Chinese authorities for the fight against # COVID19 in hospitals, while making its execution faster. Each CURA container is equipped with all the medical equipment necessary to accommodate two patients with coronavirus in intensive care, including pulmonary ventilators and intravenous fluid holders. All containers are connected to each other via an inflatable corridor.

Protezione Civile Provincia di Brescia
Spedali Civili di Brescia
Fondazione Poliambulanza Istituto Ospedaliero Multispecialistico
Gruppo San Donato
Ministero della Difesa